I’ve had a lifelong interest in making things move, starting from the first Lego Technic set that I received as a child. I got hooked when my father made a helicopter with a linkage between the rotors. Seeing the main rotor spin when I twirled the tail rotor was simply magic. From there I went on to study engineering in college with a focus on motion control, and I’ve spent over a decade developing highly optimized high precision, low-cost motion control systems.

In this blog I intend to provide various motion control related how-to’s, explanations of topics which I initially found confusing, and my opinions on technologies, tools and best practices related to motion control systems development. The posts will primarily focus on software/firmware (mostly in C/C++), Matlab tools and techniques, and a bit of math related to control systems.

Since 1996 I’ve been living in beautiful Portland, Oregon. Thus the blog’s name: PortlandMotion. I hope that you find this blog of interest from time to time.

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